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We alse provide more service like

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Raal Point System


Raal Anywhere On One Single Click!

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Raal is simply an electronic money point or e-money alternative to cash. It is the monetary value that is stored electronically on receipt of funds, and which is used for making payment transactions among Raal members.

LE-Money can be achieved by bank transfer or by pre-paid cards, by devices, or on a server. As such, e-money can serve as an umbrella term for a number of more specific electronic value products and services.

The mobile phone business Raal account allows customers to use their mobile phone as another channel for their services, such as deposits, withdrawals, account transfer, bill payment, and balance inquiry.


Let's know how Its Work!

Its just few click setup to use this Raal app. it has user-freindly interface and quick amazing features, that really essantial for your.This is every needy to boost your growing business in your area

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To use this RAAL App, you just need to sign up then log in and select your category of service. This app has amazing services that meet your requirement. Following are the categories of RAAL app.




> Your Test will remain on User’s mobile

> They can order food anywhere at anytime


> Online menu will make an order process easy

> They can order food anywhere at anytime

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Whether its Food & Drinks, Attraction & Leisure, Beauty & Fitness, Retail & Services & Other Service the Raal app helps you unlock the best of your city.